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福岡県出身 1993年12月24日生まれ。

Mariya Nishiuchi is a Japanese model/recording artist/actress. Nishiuchi was born on December 24, 1993, in Fukuoka, Japan.

As one of Japan’s top models, Nishiuchi has appeared on the cover of numerous major fashion magazines, and was casted as the main role in several drama series and movies. 

Nishiuchi is also an accomplished recording artist, singer and songwriter, and produces her own songs. 

She has won the the New Artist Award in the 47th Japan Cable Awards, the Best New Artist Award And New Artist Award at the 56th Japan Record Awards.

Aside from her works in Japan, Nishiuchi has also been receiving more international recognition. 

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2023年1月上演 日中合作 音楽劇『李香蘭-花と華-』李香蘭役

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